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First Time In A 747-400

Mon Dec 06, 1999 5:00 pm

I cant wait till jan 3 when i get to ride in my favorite plane 747-400, Philippine PR103 LAX-MNL. The last time ive been in a long haul flight was when i was 8 years old i think. I just wondering what was your first experence of flying in a 747. How many of you cant seem to sleep in a plane because I cant sleep in a airplane because of the sounds of the engines.

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RE: First Time In A 747-400

Tue Dec 07, 1999 9:18 am

I think you'll be fine.
The Boeing 747-400 is a very comfortable aircraft and it gets quiet during cruise in flight so you shouldn't have problems falling asleep even if you are seated near the engines. You'll have a nice flight, enjoy it.

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Tue Dec 07, 1999 9:23 am

Well,my first ride on a 747-400 was on SQ346,9V-SMF,to Zurich.Well,I was seated on the wings and had no problems getting to sleep.The PW4060 engines are soooooo quiet that I could only hear a distant whirr.

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RE: First Time In A 747-400

Tue Dec 07, 1999 10:09 am

Not that it matters, because this is not the point of my post, but I do believe that Phillipine uses (or at least USED to) GE engines. This really doesn't make a difference, and I can't believe I'm being so trivial.

Any how, I truly hope you fave a good holiday, and I want a full report when you return, just kidding. I love the irony though. My parents move to one of the few cities that doesn't get many 747-400, other than three-a-week (Korean Air flies thrice-weekly to Seoul, via JFK). I have never flown on a 747-400 and I hope to soon.

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RE: First Time In A 747-400

Tue Dec 07, 1999 10:31 pm

My first time on a 744 was in 1993, 29/5/93 to be precise. It was a Qantas 747-400 flight, QF2, from LHR to BKK, operated by VH-OJJ, although I had to wait until May 1997 to get my first 744 jump seat, with the one and only into the one and only. (OK, OK, Cathay into Hong Kong). It's a marvellous aircraft and I'm sure PAL will be very good. No doubt you'll be making a bee-line to the cockpit.