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Virgin Atlantic New Upper Class Cabin

Tue Jun 10, 2003 6:16 am

I just flew VS to London in Upper Class MIA-LGW and was very impressed with everything, except for the cabin decor and seats. Our 747-400 had not received the new cabin upgrade w/seats, bar, lighting, etc... I asked the FA how the cabin retrofitting was coming, and she even went so far as to say that these old seats were "horrible". I really appreciated her honesty, as I admittedly would not expect that and it was refreshing. She also said either that the plane we were on was the last plane flying with the old Upper Class cabin, or that it was only our route that had it (im not sure). Anyway, I am wondering if on my return flight (LGW-MIA) that I will have a chance at the new cabin? I doubt it, as this is most likely not one of VS's priority routes, being that it serves lgw instead of lhr and that mia is really no jfk. So does anyone have the updated list of routes served by the new cabin aircraft, or could anyone tell me if I have any chance at all at experiencing the new cabin on the way back? Thanks for any info.

P.S. The F/A that I spoke with also said that in one week's time a NEW Upper Class seat will be introduced, as, according to her, the current sleeper Upper Class seats "did not meet every requirement". Does anyone have more info on this? Thanks.
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RE: Virgin Atlantic New Upper Class Cabin

Tue Jun 10, 2003 8:51 am

Hi Deltaownsall

Any idea what the reg of yr MIA-LGW flight was (or the date)? All the LGW based 744's have a different interior to the LHR based fleet and don't have the J2000 Upper Class seats. I actually prefer the old armchair type seats though. The only 2 744's with the very latest cabin lighting etc are G-VBIG and G-VWOW, which are both LHR based.

It's a bit 'hush hush' at the moment but VS are expected to announce a new Upper Class flat-bed seat to rival BA's Club World one. I'm not sure when the official launch is planned for but should be quite soon.

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