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Don't Like JAT's New Logo? Tell Them!

Wed Jun 11, 2003 11:12 pm

Seems there's a fair consensus that JAT is making a big mistake on its rebranding. So why not tell them?

Below there is a polite letter which you can copy and paste into an email. It doesn't need you to write anything - just type your name underneath the 'Respectfully yours' and send it to

Perhaps your voice can change history...


Dear Mr Predrag Vujovic,

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am writing to ask that you, as the head of JAT Airways, please reconsider the recent decision regarding the airline’s new logo.

Despite more than 600 entries your own judging panel was not satisfied with the result of your competition to find a new image for JAT. I believe that this opinion should not be ignored.

JAT is at a critical point in its development and the airline needs a strong image in order to maintain its growth and to establish its position as a leading carrier.

I do not believe that the new image and logo that have been selected are good enough for an airline with JAT’s long history and pedigree.

Please do not accept a poor substitute for JAT’s current livery and corporate logo. There is a better design out there somewhere. I hope that, by writing to you, I can encourage you to search for it.

Respectfully yours,