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Singapore Airlines May Passenger Load Factor 53.1%

Fri Jun 13, 2003 7:00 pm

Singapore Airlines Pte Limited has just released operating statistics for May 2003.

Capacity fell by 39.8% and Revenue Passenger Kilometres fell 55.6%. 59.5% fewer passengers were carried - 506 000.
Singapore Airlines have for the first time released passenger load factors by region. Systemwide in May, it stood at 53.1% - down 18.9% from the year before. The Americas performed the best with a load factor of 59.3%. Next was the South West Pacific region with a 55.1% load factor followed by Europe who scored a 52.6% load factor. East Asia performed the worst with a 45.5% load factor and the West Asia and Africa region had a 49.4% load factor.

Singapore Airlines Cargo Pte Limited (SIA Cargo) had capacity decreased by 8.9% due to the passenger capacity cuts. Revenue tonne kilometres fell 6.6% and 81 200 000kg of freight was carried - 6.3% down from before.
Again, load factors by region have been released for the first time. Systemwide, it was 70.1% - up 1.7%. In East Asia - load factor rose a whopping 18.2% to 78.5%. Europe had a 72.2% load factor which was down 0.1% and West Asia and Africa recorded a 0.5% increase in load factor to 71.9%. The South West Pacific and Americas regions saw a 2.9% and 1.1% decrease in load factor respectively at 67.3% and 66.8% load factor.

Overall the load factor was 63.6% - down 6.2%.

Source: Singapore Airlines Pte Limited

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RE: Singapore Airlines May Passenger Load Factor 53.1%

Sat Jun 14, 2003 10:28 pm

that's such a pity for the unsinkable 'Titanic' of south east asia! I hope that KUL-SIN shuttle flights restart....I prefer having 20 B737/757 flights/day than 5 B777s/day!