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Swiss : Non-rev Advice And Assistance

Sat Jun 14, 2003 8:39 am


I am a TZ employee who will be daringly non-revving in about 2 weeks from ORD-ZRH-VIE or JFK/EWR-ZRH-VIE. I will carry a back-up pass on FI, but am hoping for smooth sailing the whole way through.

SWISS was kind enough to grant me an ID00, so I only need pay taxes. Are there any SWISS employees out there who would help me check availability for my days of travel?

Any non-rev advice for LX or suggestions would also be appreciated. Please just send it to my email address:

Thank you for your time and assistance...

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RE: Swiss : Non-rev Advice And Assistance

Sat Jun 14, 2003 9:36 am

I non-reved Swiss on YUL-ZRH-DXB-KHI route and back in July last year. I traveled on an ID00 and had a smooth sailing all the way.

Swiss telephone customer agents are helpful in locating a flight with a good chance. The advice that I received was that if the flight is overbooked by less than 30, then it is a safe flight to go for. I did just that and managed both ways.

On the way out to ZRH I was accommodated in economy. At ZRH I requested a business upgrade and was kindly given one. I would say that SWISS is a very Non-Reving friendly airline.