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Taca Group Questions

Tue Jun 17, 2003 9:31 am


I saw a picture of a TACA A320 and a LACSA A320. I also took pictures of these airlines when I was in Miami in 2000 and 2001. I know these two airlines (as well as Nica, Islena and other airlines) operate under the TACA Group. My questions are:

1. Crew utilisation. How do these airlines use their cockpit and cabin crew. Do TACA-pilots also fly for LACSA, Nica or vice versa? Do the airlines in the TACA Group exchange/share their crew or do their crew only operate with their own airline.

2. European flights. Why doesn't TACA operate (non-stop) flights to Europe (Madrid, Barcelona, Lisboa, London, Paris, Frankfurt). Is demand from/for Central America too low to justify (non-stop) flights to Europe? Iberia operates through Miami using the 747/A319 at their Miami hub. TACA operated the B767-300ER for a while, why were these birds not used for transatlantic operations? Were they not certifitied to operate transatlantic flights? Can we expect any of the TACA-member airlines to operate (non-stop) flights to Europe in the (near) future?

BTW: the TACA B767-300ER with the large "767-300ER Service" titles, was the first 767-300 I saw, and I liked it very much. The 767 was a very unusual aircraft for me back then as there were no 767 flights flying to/from the island I used to live back then. I only knew the 767 from aircraft books, when I saw it at Miami I was like wow, cool  Wink/being sarcastic

Now I see enough of them at Schiphol Airport  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

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RE: Taca Group Questions

Tue Jun 17, 2003 9:55 am

1. I would be surprised, I have flown on TACA coded flights, on aircraft with LACSA titles and a Peruvian (from TACA Peru, no doubt) Pilot. I also think that when TACA transported the Pope from Canada to Guatemala and from Guatemala to Mexico City, they had crew members from all of the countries that TACA is from

2.Taca has code share agreements with Air France, which gives them 1 daily SAL-CDG and GUA-CDG (via MIA), + IB service to MAD, i think that the market to Europe is pretty much covered. I think KLM used to have regular service to GUA, not sure what happened to it.

PS. On a recent magazine, the owner of some aircraft paint shop said that the TACA, LACSA, NICA and AVIATECA titles were designed so that they could be taken off eventually so that only 1 corporate image remains
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