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Anyone Been To Hsv?

Thu Dec 09, 1999 1:33 pm

That's the Huntsville Int'l Airport in Alabama. i applied for a job (non-aviation) in that town and wondered if anyone had any comments about the town or the airport.

I did some research on the web and was surprised to find that HSV is a pretty big airport. The major carriers are AA,DL, NW,US. Most of the planes are md80 types but they also get 37s, 27s, and the real surprise, an occasional 67 (Delta's). AA flies there from DFW, DL from ATL, NW goes to MEM with Saab 340 planes for connections (the "Northwest Airlink").

Atlanta is little more than 200 miles away so it was surprising to see them send a 67. The flight time on the md80 is listed as only 53 min. (ATL-HSV).

Airfares are quite reasonable. From MSY its only $108 and that gives you a flight from MSY-ATL on a 767!! Then an md80 connection. I almost wish I'd get the interview just for the flight!  

Also, they said on their website that they've had special visitors like an Austrian Air 767 (I think) and the AF CONCORDE !!! They have pics of their Concorde visit.

Just wondering if anyone in here had any personal experience at HSV or that town.
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RE: Anyone Been To Hsv?

Fri Dec 10, 1999 2:34 pm

Well I dont actually live in Huntsville, I am about 100 miles south (in Birmingham) but have been to this airport a few times. I lived on the outskirts of Huntsville a few years ago and is very nice town to live in. The airport has been trying to specialize in some cargo shipments, with a large facility there (For the size of the city). This town is fairly modern with all the space facilities that are located at Redstone. That same Concord flight that landed in Huntville about a month ago or so was going to land here in Birmingham also. But due to lack of interest from residents here it did not come, and took off straight for Europe. If you do get a job here, like you said you will have a fairly good selection of flights to fly to few different locations and with with somewhat large aircraft.

Good Luck with the interview,