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Belgrade Takes Over A Montenegro Airport?

Thu Dec 09, 1999 5:51 pm

Dear friends I'm not a politicant but I'm so worried about because my family is still there and this is not a GOOD sign:

<our Serbian sources (at 00:16 Belgrade time on Dec. 9 - 6:16PM EST), the
Yugoslav Army troops have moved in and taken control of Montenegro's
"Golubovac" airport. Three military tankers and an armored vehicle are
reportedly blocking access to the airport.

Yugoslav military police appear to have taken charge of the airport, and
are checking identities of all passengers.

Our Belgrade sources believe that this drastic action by the Yugoslav Army
may be Slobodan Milosevic's response to the Montenegrin law, which took
effect today (Dec. 8), under which the airports in Podgorica and Tivat
become Montenegrin, federal Yugoslavia's property.

TiM Ed.: Which would be like teh province of Ontario, for example,
declaring the Toronto airport its own, rather than Canada's property. Or
the New York state claiming ownership of the LaGuardia or JFK airports.

Whatever the reason for this drastic action, it seems obvious that the
Belgrade government is trying to prevent yet another piece of Yugoslavia
from being chopped off by the New World Order quislings. Such as
Montenegro's president, Milo Djukanovic, next to the KLA's Hashim Thaci,
one of Bill Clinton's and Madam Halfbright's favorite Balkan stable horses.

The more crooked, the better Makes Milosevic look downright pristine, by

Which is why one cannot help but wonder, if Belgrade had not moved in on
the Montenegrin airports before NATO did? After all, remember how a
similar scenario played itself out in mid-June, when the Russians, with
Milosevic's help, embarrassed NATO by taking the Pristina's
state-of-the-art "Slatina" airport before NATO got its act together,
following the signing of the armistice on June 10? (see "Russian Troops
Enter Kosovo First," S99-107, "Peace" 1, Item 1, June 11 - ).

Either way, stand by. This seems to be a developing story<<

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