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Aeroflot And Y2K

Thu Dec 09, 1999 7:12 pm

Read this in the local newspaper today. I find it quite amusing.
"Russia's national carrier Aeroflot and Moscow's main airport set out to prove that they were prepared for the Y2K computer bug by putting groups of journalists on simulated millennial night flights.
The simulators-which resemble mechanical spiders (?) on the outside but look and feel like a real cockpit inside-reared up and circled over illusory, densely populated cities while, presumably, crowds below popped chanpagne corks and cheered in the new year.
All went well, until the last flight. Several reporters were virtually killed over Miami when their simulated Aeroflot Airbus A320 crashed at 30 seconds past midnight on January 1, 2000.
Aeroflot officials quickly explained the mishap was due to a power cut affecting the whole building and not the millenium bug."

Hmmmmmmm, i certaintly wouldn't wanna be flying Aeroflot on New Years. Actually, I wouldn't wanna fly Aeroflot at all.
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RE: Aeroflot And Y2K

Thu Dec 09, 1999 8:47 pm

Hey now! I think Aeroflot would be the safest airline to be flying with (not counting recent A310 and Boeing acquisitions), those Tupolevs are clockwork, baby! The only time a computer has even been near one of those old planes was the time a jumpseat rider used a laptop. Seriously, the technology in the avionics on a Tu134 is about the same generation as a Lancaster bomber. You they have a flight deck crew of FOUR?! It's a B17 with jets (even has the navigator's glass dome in the nose - god I'd love to get a ride sitting - or lying - in that glass nose). It's the up-to-date western carriers with glass cockpits that I'd steer clear of. Happy new year!
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RE: Aeroflot And Y2K

Thu Dec 09, 1999 8:53 pm

No wonder the simulated Aeroflot A320 crashed over Miami:
(a) They don't have any, so the crews wouldn't be qualified; and
(b) An A320 wouldn't have the range to reach MIA from SVO, would it?
They were lucky to get that far!

(Give me a Tu134 any day!)
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RE: Aeroflot And Y2K

Fri Dec 10, 1999 1:02 am

You can get this article from this link: http://biz.yahoo.com/rf/991207/ve.html

The funiest part of this ordeal is what the companies general director told reporters.

Okulov said he and his colleagues would not go as far as their counterparts at Air China, who have said they will spend the New Year airborne.

``There's no point being in the air, a leader is supposed to lead -- which requires being on the spot. So I'll be here at Sheremetevo,'' he said.

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RE: Aeroflot And Y2K

Fri Dec 10, 1999 1:14 am

Hah, Aeroflot do not have A320s! Somebody pointed that out already. So that crash doesn't prove anything. I'd fly Aeroflot without any hesitation on New Year Eve! BTW, isn't it a brilliant idea for an Aviation enthusiast to roll over the Millennium in flight?!!
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RE: Aeroflot And Y2K

Fri Dec 10, 1999 2:25 am

Hmmmm... seems to me that they don't need Y2K to crash. They already are buged since years. I'm just expecting their next crash. Maybe the simulator they use for their pilots will crash next on the factory ground?
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