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1958 AeroMéxico Timetable

Tue Jun 24, 2003 12:59 pm

I share with you some info contained in the printed Aeromexico timetable dating January 13th, 1958.

The most important routes were:

MEX-ACA: 35x in Convair 340 (52pax)
MEX-ACA: 20x in DC4 (subject to demand)
MEX-GDL: 3x in DC3; 7x Convair; 7x in DC4
GDL-TIJ: 7x in Convair
MZT-LMM-Navojoa-CEN-GYM-HMO: 7x in DC 3
MZT-LAP: 4x in DC4
MEX-NYC: 7x in Britannia
MEX-TRC-CUU: 7x in DC4 and 7x in Convair
MTY-TRC-DGO: 6x in DC3
CUU-CJS: 7x in Convair

There were also flights HMO-Nogales, CEN-GYM-TIJ, ACA-LAP-TIJ-ACA, DGO-MZT, DGO-CUL, CUU-NvoCasas Grandes-Cananea-NOG-MXL-TIJ, CUU-NOG.

A first class round trip to NYC costed: U$276.2. They also offered a limo service to San Diego pax taking their flights in TIJ.

It is clear the most important route was MEX-ACA...


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RE: 1958 AeroMéxico Timetable

Wed Jun 25, 2003 12:49 am

Wow, MEX-ACA 20x daily. Also interesting was how many international airlines flew to ACA, which received service from Qantas, Aerolineas Peruanas, and Canadian Pacific to name some. I guess Acapulco was today's version of Cancun.

I have a pic of my Aunt boarding an Aeronaves de Mexico Brittania @ TIJ in 1963, on one of her annual trips to GDL. Back then, only Mexicana flew to LAX (and they have been flying here since 1934). When she passed away, I found several AeroMexico tickets amongst her old pics. On one from the 60s, she had paid something like $154.00 one way on the TIJ-GDL route. Quite interesting, as today you can pretty much fly the same route on AeroMexico for $100.00

I also have an Aeronaves de Mexico timetable from 1968. Aeronaves de Mexico was the official airline of the Mexico City Olympic games, and its route network included: Montreal, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Tucson, and Miami in North America. To the south it flew to: Panama City, Bogota, and Caracas, and to Europe it flew to: Madrid and Paris via Miami 3x a week. AM and IB code-shared on the route, but IB flew to MEX via SDQ 4x weekly.

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RE: 1958 AeroMéxico Timetable

Wed Jun 25, 2003 1:53 am

They are weekly flights... not daily...
So, you should read MEX-ACA 35 weekly flights... etc.

Interesting how services to Canadian cities has shifted. Montreal was much more important 30 years ago than Toronto. Today, few airlines fly to YUL and not fly to YYZ.

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RE: 1958 AeroMéxico Timetable

Wed Jun 25, 2003 5:35 am

Huh! Interesting...

Too bad to see flights to Navojoa, Nogales, Casas Grandes and Cananea are not anymore in AeroMexico's routes... hope I can see one of this days SOON the return of aviation into this cities and more exotic places forgotten by our airlines!

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