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Question About LHs Parked/retired Aircraft

Wed Jun 25, 2003 12:26 am

That LH was forced to park or/and retire some aircraft is wellknown. But there are some oddities and some questions.

Odd is that the special-liveried Cargo 742 is parked in the desert since 6 months now despite that it is one of the newest and the most attentiongetting 747 freighter in the fleet. Will it return soon?

What will happen with the handful of pax 742s all gone now? D-ABZH and D-ABZE for example are just about 15 years old and the first one is parked since more than a year now. No prospective buyers in sight? Still seen as possible backup aircraft with a slight chance to return to FRA?

How many smaller aircraft are parked? Several A300/A310s I heard of. Any plans of selling them or fly them to the desert soon? Now that the 742s are retired they are the Oldies of the fleet. Not that I want them to be replaced by the relatively uncomfortable A321!

What about the 737 and A320 fleet that seems to be affected by the success of lowcost-carriers?
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RE: Question About LHs Parked/retired Aircraft

Wed Jun 25, 2003 4:33 pm

afaik, there are 5 LH 742s (pax) at MZJ of which only 1 has already been scrapped. i believe the other four, including D-ABYX and ZE, could still be reactivated. but when this will happen, if it all, and how many aircraft that could comprise, no one can say for sure. your guess is as good as mine.

concerning the A300/310 flights, there are only three A310s active, operating the intercontinental flights to ALA, ASB/BAK and ASM/JED. the other three are stored.
of the entire A300 fleet, about 4 or 5, perhaps 6 units are stored.

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RE: Question About LHs Parked/retired Aircraft

Wed Jun 25, 2003 4:46 pm

AFAIK LH parked these aircrafts:

4x A300-600R
3x A310-300
4x A320
6x 737
4x 747-200

1x 747-200F

3x 757-200
1x 757-300