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Another Concorde Problem

Wed Jun 25, 2003 1:03 am

According to the BBC website, G-BOAC has been temporarily put out of service, due to frayed wires being found.
It wasnt until engineers discovered the problem on Monday that the aircraft was grounded, although the other aircraft I believe are still able to fly.
According to one spokesman, he says they think a small fire may have broken out on board (undetected) and this is what caused the wires to fray.

..See bbc news for more info..

also I hear on good news that BA are releasing 1000 free tickets to fly on Concorde, I believe there launching the campaign sometime in July.
Ill be getting a ticket then lol  Smile
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RE: Another Concorde Problem

Wed Jun 25, 2003 1:26 am

No, just a bit of burnt wiring, not in any fuel tanks or anything like that.
As for OAC being 'Grounded' as some of the media put it, it won't be on the deck longer than often happens anyway, though spares availability is a big factor usually.
They also reckon 'specialist equipment' was brought in? I must have been asleep at work then, cos that's the first I've heard about that!
We had a minor problem recently on OAG, luckily someone remembered the last time it happened and had noted it in his 'dead sea scrolls' book (it was OAE in 1990), so a fix was quick and easy, (shows how much our experienced staff matter and makes a mockery of the ideas of a bearded rival CEO).
All the other aircraft checked out OK, that fact that it was found so soon shows how much we maintain them, (a similar problem could well go undetected for a long time on the far less maintenance-intensive modern subsonic airliners).
I've love to know how this got out, a lot of pissed off people around in BA though.