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Redundant Info

Fri Dec 10, 1999 9:38 am

It seems that myself and a few others have brought up topics that were discussed some time in the past. I apologize for doing so, but I am not going to take the time to search the archives. I have been using this forum for a little over a month now. If I haven't seen a topic I'm interested in come up in that time, I'm going to bring it up again, even if it's been discussed before.

RE: Redundant Info

Fri Dec 10, 1999 9:46 am

Don't worry about it. Many people come and go, so posting a repeat topic sometimes brings up interesting new info.

It's only a problem when an identical post appears just a few lines down.
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RE: Redundant Info

Fri Dec 10, 1999 11:17 am


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