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Delta 757 Missing Landing Gear Door

Fri Dec 10, 1999 10:56 am

Here's a question:

I observed at MSY today a Delta 757 (N604DL) that was flying its routes minus the right main landing gear strut door. Our Ops guys asked the pilots about it, they said that it flown it that way all day, and that, apparently, it wasn't a problem.

The question: allowing for aerodynamics, wouldn't it still create some sort of drag in the air, and at the very least, a bit of noise.

Also, wouldn't something like that be on the aircraft's MEL?

Any ideas or opinions from the pilot ranks? Thanks.

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RE: Delta 757 Missing Landing Gear Door

Fri Dec 10, 1999 3:45 pm

That's interesting. I had a CO 757 arrive at IAH with an engine oil service door missing on the #2 engine. The aircraft was out of service untill it was replaced, yet it can go with a missing strut door.
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RE: Delta 757 Missing Landing Gear Door

Fri Dec 10, 1999 4:09 pm

actually it's not quite as unique as you might think the a320 can also fly wthout a landing gear door theres a fuel penalty and some operational restrictions but otherwise no problemo the situation with the oil access door on the engine cowl is not a problem with aerodynamics it has to due with fire containment within the engine cowl particularly with distribution of fire retardent and keeping the flames contained within the cowl. read your mel and ask your cat ( no not feline certified a/c tech or mech )