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Boeing & Airbus' Face Future Competition From Who?

Fri Jun 27, 2003 12:31 am

Now, with Bombardier looking into a 100+seater, and Embraer offering the 190, will one of these manufacturers venture out to offer even larger a/c in time? Maybe they can/will offer something along the lines of an A320 or 737 to compete with the next offerings from Boeing and Airbus.

Do you think these manufacturers are studying the prospect of doing something like this? They're getting awfully close already, and they both will be gaining multitudes of knowledge about larger a/c by offering their larger proposed jets about the capacity of a 717.

Will Embraer or Bombardier be the next major large pax a/c manufacturer to give Boeing and Airbus some competition on larger a/c levels?

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RE: Boeing & Airbus' Face Future Competition From Who?

Fri Jun 27, 2003 2:53 am

There is talk that these new offerings of Bombarier and Embraer can be stretched to have perhaps 110 or 130 seats. This makes these aircraft an ideal replacement for some older stuff already in that seat range that will need replacement in the short to mid-term. There are a lot of older aircraft out there in that seat range that will need to be replaced and if either one can offer a machine that can seat 70-130 pax all with commonality, that will be a hit. That and Bombardier and Embraer are starting with a fresh design, lighter than what Boeing and Airbus have to offer but that can do the same, if not a better job.

The market creates the demand for what it buys. Not only has technology improved since the last generations of 70-130 seaters came to market, new ideas in how to make these aircraft have come to light and the old ones will need to be replaced. NW for example has 3 types that all do 70-130 pax (DC9-10/30/40, RJ85, A319), imagine having one do all the same work and dragging less weight around!
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