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Delta Ramp Workers May Unionize

Fri Dec 10, 1999 2:04 pm

WSJ reported that DL ramp workers have enough signatures to have a union representation vote. DL has successfully beaten past votes,but this is different. Many high paying ramp positions have been outsourced and the guys in ATL are fearful of their jobs too. Many experts are expecting a "yes" vote this time around. And its not over,the FAs are wanting to unionize too.

So what happen to lovey dovey Delta? The airline where the employees brought the "Spirit of Delta" 767 for the company. Blame former CEO Allen. His gut wrenching change of Delta culture really screwed up morale. Laying off or furloughing employees for the first time in 20 years. Now the employees do not trust management and morale is lower than normal.

If Delta does unionize,kiss goodbye of little what is left of Delta's southern charm. We know how "rational" Delta's pilot union is.