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Interesting Movie

Thu Jul 03, 2003 7:49 am

As I was channel surfing this afternoon, I came across an interesting movie on the Fox Movie Channel. While not a aviation movie per se, aviation does plays a major role. The "Sicilian Clan" (1970) revolves around a Mafioso style gang that plans and successfully pulls of a skyjacking of a NY bound DC-8 laden with jewels. The DC-8 is obviously a UTA bird in the guise of a made up carrier "United Overseas Airways". Actually, from what little I saw the makers of this film did do their research and held true to the details (probably not a US production then). The interior shots were actually a DC-8 with huge windows and all (how many times have we seen a 747 interior scene on a 727 or other narrow body jet while in flight?). The sequences from departure, taxi, rotation as well as inflight were all the same plane (definitely not a US production) as it left ORY bound for JFK. The most interesting scenes and in our post 9/11 world the most chilling were the shots of the '8' apparently diving onto Manhattan and flying low over the skyline. Having never seen this movie before and watching this plane maneuver in this manner, you can only imagine what was going through my head. Well long story, short, the plane lands on a highway outside of NYC, where the hijackers and accomplices make their getaway. At this point I had to leave to keep an appointment, so I am not certain how the film ends. However it is being aired at other time this month, so I'll finish it up then.

All in all from what little I saw this was not too bad and certainly worth a look see if you should run across it. Also there are some nice ramp scenes of ORY as well as a close up of an Air Afrique DC-8, before the green liveru was phased in.

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