UAL777 Moving Map

Sat Dec 11, 1999 2:12 pm

Hi. Does anyone know if UAL's 777's have the moving map feature that shows the postion of the aircraft (i.e. what city you are over)? I flew to DEN last week from ORD on the 777 and couldn't find the map on any of the channels. I know AA has it on their 777's.
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RE: UAL777 Moving Map

Sun Dec 12, 1999 4:08 am

United 777's with person tv screens have the map. the 777's with out personal tv's do not. to reach the map you must press the map button on your arm rest in all 3 classes.
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RE: UAL777 Moving Map

Sun Dec 12, 1999 5:09 am

I know the 767-300s equipped with TV screens at every seat has the function. Again, you have to enable that function by pushing the MAP button on the console.
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RE: UAL777 Moving Map

Sun Dec 12, 1999 7:54 am

When did all of this happen?? I have flown UAL's 777 half a dozen times now and didn't find any map feature.

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RE: UAL777 Moving Map

Sun Dec 12, 1999 3:25 pm

I flew CDG-SFO last week and the map feature was not working, even though all other video and audio channels were up and running.
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RE: UAL777 Moving Map

Sun Dec 12, 1999 4:55 pm

I flew a UA 777 from DEN-LAX a few days ago. This 777 didn't have the map feature on the PTV's. Nor did it have the map button on the armrest.
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Mon Dec 13, 1999 5:51 am

Unfortunately, UA has disabled the moving map onboard all aircraft due to problems with its manufacturer, the Airshow company. Normally, though, Airshow would be available on all PTV-equipped aircraft, including the 777.