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How Did You Get Hooked?

Sun Dec 12, 1999 3:28 am

i was just wonder how many of you 5-15(and older) got hooked on aviation? i just love to fly! but i know many of you like it for man other reasons, what are they?thanks!

RE: How Did You Get Hooked?

Sun Dec 12, 1999 6:23 am

I remember a few yearss back my dad told me that we would be flying on this totally new plane to England and he told me how cool it would be and how much the plane costs. It turned out to be the 777. It had the personal TV screens. And while I was in England, I saw the Concorde take off and that was so cool. Ever since that I have been hooked. I hope I never get sick of commercial aviation.

Jack M

Will The 717 Be A Household Name?

Sun Dec 12, 1999 6:29 am


Do you think in a decade or so the 717 will be a household name like the DC9?

Jack M

Sorry... Problem...

Sun Dec 12, 1999 6:31 am


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Jack M
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RE: How Did You Get Hooked

Sun Dec 12, 1999 11:10 am

It started when I was 9 years old. I was flying Winnipeg to Toronto on an Air Canada A320. It was pretty new. I had flown before. But this flight was special. Once the lunch was cleaned up, the FA asked me if I wanted to go see the flight deck. I said yes. The pilots up there were so nice and it looked like they thouroughly (sp?) enjoyed there job. This was the first time I heard about the joysticks. My mom took a picture. The pilot gave me 5x7 photo of the flight deck. On the back was all the info about our flight. He even wrote a comment on it. Thats when I became hooked and thats why I always fly AC whenever I can.
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RE: How Did You Get Hooked?

Sun Dec 12, 1999 11:25 am

When I was 7 I flew an British Airways 757 to Paris. I enjoyed this a lot, but didn't realize how much I liked commercial aviation until months later. The first type of plane I could acurately identify in the air, was 737. I would often be playing in football (soccer) games and would be chaseing the ball, and see a 737 landing at LHR, and look up and loose all train of thought. My coach decided to take me out of the game from that point on, but it was then that I decided that I wated to try and spot aeroplanes, although for sometime, my primitive eye wouldn't allow me to distinguish any two-engined plane form a 737, so any 757, 767, A320, etc, were all labelled by me, 737's.

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RE: How Did You Get Hooked?

Sun Dec 12, 1999 12:39 pm

I will be swimming in a swim meet backstroke and I see a plane flying overhead (we have a dome glass ceiling) and I will slow dowwn and not be able to concentrate... its weird. I know what you mean.

Jack M
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RE: How Did You Get Hooked?

Sun Dec 12, 1999 1:24 pm

I simply got hooked, after i realized what i had, and what i don't have anymore.. but hopefully will have again sometime soon.. lol.. besides i've been in a plane since i was knee high to a grasshopper.. ;-) I think pretty much everyone here knows my story..
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To JWM Airtrans And Everyone Else

Sun Dec 12, 1999 1:39 pm

yes, I think the 717 will be as common as DC9s. Air Tran says they will eventually have their ENTIRE fleet consist of 717. Thats big.

To everyone, as for getting hooked, I dont know if this post is only for people 5-15; I am older. But I've always been fascinated by flying. PLanes, rockets, etc. I grew up during the years when they were launching Apollo rockets every year or so and I'd always watch it on tv. Same with the space shuttle. I didn't fly much between the age of 18 and 30. But now its still fun every time I go on a plane. And wow, what a trip seeing those huge planes from on the ramp when I went down there with my buddy Mark from MSY.

I only wish I had this kind of passion for certain things like this back when I was in high school; it would have influenced my career choices.
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RE: How Did You Get Hooked?

Sun Dec 12, 1999 3:06 pm

With me I got hooked to avaiation because of location. Basically during the early stages of my life I lived right next to an airport. Seeing all those jets (mainly 727 and eventually 757 and A300), when the wind was right the smell of burn kerosene, and then the final straw was seeing U.S. Airforce C-130 taking off and the roar they give off at full throttle finally hooked me. Also I'm from and Island in the caribbean [St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.(STT)] so the only way off the island was to fly, so I've been flying since I was a wee babe. Now, 21 year later I'm going thru school and soo will be working as a Ramp Agent for Contenital. Aviation has been in my blood from young..

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RE: How Did You Get Hooked?

Sun Dec 12, 1999 5:15 pm

This is a nice question to answer.

My first encounter with flying was "way back when" United Air Lines was flying their DC-8s. We are talking late 60's/early 70s. The Friendship schemes and I believe the earlier scheme with thin gold stripes along the bare metal on the fuselage instead of red which later became wide red stripes. Back then flying was a special event. Passengers with children would board first and they would bve able to visit the cockpit upon boarding. I'll never forget being shown the cockpit of the mighty DC-8-61 after we boarded at Hartford-Bradley Field. I looked at this big, grey panel in front of me, compasses, dials, throttles, the yoke..it was wondrous. I jumped out of the seat and the pilot handed me my "wings"..a United Air Lines "Future Pilot" pair of wings. Silver, Grey, Red, White and Blue..From there..the rest was history. 25 years later I was a Non- Commissioned Officer and Supervisor in the United States Air Force at Guam, working for the largest airlift carrier in the world. Miltary Airlift Command.

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RE: How Did You Get Hooked?

Sun Dec 12, 1999 9:01 pm

Since 87, I think, I got hooked on aviation because once my grandparents made a trip to Europe and my mom took me to the airport to see the aircrafts. The minute I stepped into the observation deck, those big aircrafts became and obsession to me... and I was just 6 years old!( I´ve been in an aircraft before, but I was like 9 months old). One funny thing happened when my grandparents arrived, I was at the deck and I put my head between 2 parallel bars to see the airplanes better... I got stucked in them and a pilot helped me to take off my head...  

After a while, all that passion increased by the constant biz trips of my dad in 1995. First to NYC. Then it was my turn to travel: I went to Buenos Aires on a 737-300. I can´t describe what I felt the second the airplane took off but it was really good. Since then, I collect stuffs from my dad´s trips like boarding tickets, timetables, luggage tags even pillows (I have 8)  

On Jan 30th, day I came back from Sao Paulo, aviation was my #1 obsession, much more than a few years ago. Now I can identify almost all Boeing aircrafts with less than 10% of errors)   I have tons of pics on my computer also  
But I will not take the pilot career... I will follow advertising and webdesign  

too much for today, my english is not that good to keep writing..
- ta-ta for now..

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RE: How Did You Get Hooked?

Sun Dec 12, 1999 9:38 pm

Hey all

I took my first flight when I was 16 (yes, it's on a late age). I was flying with BA on a ATR72 from Antwerp. And I loved it so much. I start collecting things, like timetables, fleet plans,.... I was obsessed and stil am.

Now every year I'm looking forward too the holidays, because that's the only time of the year I fly. At the moment I'm looking for a weekendjob at the airport. And I hope I will be able to do this.

At the moment I'm studying nursing but when I'm graduated I hope I could be a F/A. But I will see what happens.

Ralf (20)

RE: How Did You Get Hooked?

Sun Dec 12, 1999 10:23 pm

My first flight was from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Singapore. I was on holiday in Malaysia. The flight was only 40 mins so it did not leave much memories for me. It was only in 1992 when I really became fascinated by flying. I was already 14 ... quite late .... I flew from Singapore to Brisbane for a holiday on Qantas B767. In 93, I flew Malaysia Airlines B747 to Amsterdam. The flight was really long but I enjoyed every minute. My last flight was my trip to Melbourne on Emirates B777 last May.

I love flying and I try to avoid non stop flights. I love transit stops as this means that I will will be able to experience more take offs and landings! I also collect many airline stuff. Mainly brochures, inflight magazines etc. I am now currently working at Singapore Changi Airport as an intern. O see planes every day and I dont get tired of them. But sad to say, my internship will end the day before Christmas. But never mind, the airport is only ten minutes away! And I get to see planes take off and land from my apartment. I'll never get tired of flying.


I Get Two Stops!

Mon Dec 13, 1999 12:12 am

welll in my flight to florida in febuary i have two stops, msp and houston, i have never been to houston before, what is like??
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RE: How Did You Get Hooked?

Mon Dec 13, 1999 12:38 am

In August of 1970, when I was 6 years old, my family and I took a trip to Barbados. We flew from Toronto in an AC DC-8-61.

I have loved flying ever since.

I am a software developer now, and love what I do for a living, but I will always quietly wish I had become a commercial airline pilot instead. Cheers to all of you out there.
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RE: How Did You Get Hooked?

Mon Dec 13, 1999 12:49 am

My aunt worked for Lufthansa.. and when i was 6 I recieved my first Lufthansa Schabak.. a 747-200 old colour.. that was when I decide i loved planes

my first flight was to Phuket... it was my most memorable flight eveer.. it was an A300...
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RE: How Did You Get Hooked?

Mon Dec 13, 1999 12:58 am

I have flown on vacations and to visit family since beofre I was old enough to remember, so I grew up always flying for every vacation. I have also had models of airplanes since I was little. When I moved to London six years ago I found I was really interested in aviaiotn, more so then when I was younger. When I used to go to regents park for PE class I would always look up and watch the BA 747s fly over head. When ever I fly with my family I always take the window seat and just watch the airport as we are on the ground. I have done this since I was little, so I guess I have always liked planes.
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RE: How Did You Get Hooked?

Mon Dec 13, 1999 3:28 am

It was 1957. My parents had taken me to Richmond Airport to see my grandparents off on their flight home to Tampa. They got away before I had a chance to say goodbye. So my mother got permission to take me aboard so I could say goodbye to them. It was an Eastern Air Lines Convair 440 "Silver Falcon," which was taking them to Atlanta, where they would connect with a Super Constellation. After I got off the Convair, my father took me around to all the airline counters to collect timetables, which he taught me how to read. I spent many hours planning imaginary trips. I didn't make my first flight until 1966. Actually it was my second, because I was a baby when I took my first flight in 1947 and I don't remember it. My first remembered flight was an Eastern 727-25 "Whisperjet," and ever since then, I've been hooked on flying. As of this date, I have been on 908 commercial flights. I have kept a record of every single one.

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RE: How Did You Get Hooked?

Mon Dec 13, 1999 4:54 am

I am 14. I grew up in the aviation business. My mother was a executive in Swissair. She is Swiss and my dad is Irish. Anytime I had a few days off we went to Ireland. I counted that it ammounted to 20 times an year. We also did a lot of other travelling. I had many flights in the flight deck because my mother had many friends who were pilots.
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RE: How Did You Get Hooked?

Mon Dec 13, 1999 11:26 am

My first air trip was in January of 1961 on board an American Airlines Lockheed Electra 188 from Charleston, WV to NYC. From there a BOAC 707-438 to LHR and then a BOAC Comet 4C to Bombay, India. I was privileged as a child to be able to visit and live on 3 continents and air travel through 5.

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