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What's Gonna Happen To Oneworld ?

Mon Dec 13, 1999 1:55 am


With recent tie-up of AA with SN and SR, the agreements for Qualifyer FFP with AA, the fact BA and AA aren't not allowed to code-share : what's gonna happen to oneworld ?

Is BA going to leave for AF-DL or Star Alliance ? Forming a new group with US Airways or TWA ?

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RE: What's Gonna Happen To Oneworld ?

Mon Dec 13, 1999 5:06 am

Delta is the world's largest carrier in terms of flights per day and passengers carried per day (over 1/3 million each day) - and is the biggest airline across the North Atlantic to Europe & the Middle East. Altho it would be very good if it were to happen, it is extremely unlikely that BA would tie up with an airline bigger than the airline that is was told it couldnt.

IE Delta, being bigger than American, would be unlikely to be allowed to tie up with BA as there would be an even bigger monopoly across the Atlantic with Delta than there would have been with American.

Besides, Air France, Delta's #1 partner, is too similar to BA in terms of destinations & locations to be comfortable with its largest rival sharing with it. Not only this, but if the rumors about Virgin attempting to join the Delta/Air France group (I am unclear as to whether these rumors are true, however) then it is very very very unlikely as there aren't bigger enemies in the Commercial Aviation world than Virgin and British Airways.

And as to Star, I am afraid to say that I know very little about Star, so I am unable to comment.
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RE: What's Gonna Happen To Oneworld ?

Mon Dec 13, 1999 5:20 am


Nothing big is going to happen to oneworld. The AA/SR/SN tie-up has nothing to do with oneworld. Also, BA and AA have applied for codesharing and other stuff that doesn't require anti-trust immunity.
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RE: What's Gonna Happen To Oneworld ?

Mon Dec 13, 1999 10:45 am

They'll certainly need to rethink their Americas strategy now with CP about to depart oneworld. AA can still code on them, but you can bet that AC will tell QF and BA and the others to go jump anytime soon!
I think the DL tie-in (unlikely as it is) could possibly pass muster with DL being based at LGW. AA/BA's problem was most flights operated by them were from LHR.
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