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New TV Show. Airline?

Mon Jul 14, 2003 7:17 am

This morning I was making reservations with Southwest, and while I waited, the on hold message mentioned that producers are looking for stories for a new TV series called AIRLINE, and that it was based in Los Angeles. Any info on this show?
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RE: New TV Show. Airline?

Mon Jul 14, 2003 7:24 am

Its not going to be a TV series as such, but a documentary similar to the one made in the UK about easyJet a few years ago. Cameras follow the goings on during a typical day at an airline. There was also a related documentary called "Airline" which followed the activities of London Heahrow over several days. Both were produced for the BBC I beleive, and showed on public television in the USA.
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RE: New TV Show. Airline?

Mon Jul 14, 2003 8:12 am

Theres a Show called "Airport" that airs on Discovery Wings channel.....Its been on for quite awhile... Its all about the behind closed doors at Heathrow...Pretty neat show...My only gripe is that its only 30 minutes long...needs to be atleast an hour long each episode I think....

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RE: New TV Show. Airline?

Mon Jul 14, 2003 2:00 pm

Airport on Discovery Wings was enjoyable...I agree with Captain Matt that it was too short. Maybe it was just my local area, but I found the episodes were repeated pretty often, which got annoying.

Finally a reality show we can all enjoy! No Trista, no Monica, no tribal councils, I'm all for it!
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RE: New TV Show. Airline?

Mon Jul 14, 2003 2:10 pm

Frequent reruns of episodes is a major problem with Discovery.
Before they removed it from the cable here to make room for a 24 hour shopping channel ;( I sometimes counted shows being repeated 3 times a day.
With each program cycle lasting a week and being repeated for a month that means a single show would air 12-15 times before being replaced by something else.
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RE: New TV Show. Airline?

Mon Jul 14, 2003 6:51 pm

The original British television show called 'Airline' was produced by ITV and centres on the Easyjet airline.

The original British television show called 'Airport' was produced by the BBC and generally centres on various departments/activities at Heathrow.

Airport was initially centred around Dennis Stone, a long standing friend, who took my mugshot when I joined BOAC in 1961. After 20 years in BA, he went freelance and has never looked back. Part of his freelance work was for the BBC, but with the advent of quality TV freezeframes, most of his pictures now are for the GB daily newspapers with a digital Nikon linked to his laptop, for transmission of pix. He still takes photographs of personalities and is the 'icon' photographer at Heathrow where he has been working over 55years! This year he celebrated his 71st anniversary of his birthday.

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RE: New TV Show. Airline?

Mon Jul 14, 2003 7:42 pm

The first "Airline" for ITV in the UK featured charter airline Britannia based in Manchester.

ITV have recently shown "Holiday Airline" which features Monarch and was made before 9 11 2001 happened.

I have seen "Airport" programmes featuring LHR, FRA and MIA

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