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American Airlines Launches Non-stop DFW-EZE

Mon Jul 21, 2003 1:51 pm

American Airlines will launch non-stop service between Dallas and Buenos Aires on 2 November 2003. Service will operate 3x a week on MoThSa to EZE/TuFrSu from EZE with 767-300ER service. The largest international carrier at Buenos Aires Pistarini Airport, American Airlines offers daily 763 to JFK, daily 772 service to MVD, and 2x daily 772 service to MIA from the Argentine capital.

The new route is part of a plethora of new American Airline routes launching this November, including FLL-PAP, FLL-SDQ, MIA-MSP, and MIA-IND.

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RE: American Airlines Launches Non-stop DFW-EZE

Mon Jul 21, 2003 2:00 pm

How many widebody services does AA have out of DFW?

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RE: American Airlines Launches Non-stop DFW-EZE

Mon Jul 21, 2003 2:26 pm

DFW-LGW 2x daily 772 (except Wed-Fri one of the flights is 763)
DFW-FRA daily 772
DFW-CDG 2x daily 763 (used to be 772)
DFW-ZRH daily 763
DFW-NRT 12x weekly (I think) 772
DFW-ORD-LHR daily (?) 772
DFW-MIA 2x daily 772 and I think daily 763
DFW-SFO sometimes there is a 763 used, not sure if every day
DFW-LAX evidently will have 763s for 3 of its flights pretty soon
DFW-EZE 3x weekly 763 (new...wish this was a 772)
DFW-GRU daily 763 (this used to be a 772 I think)
DFW-SCL daily 763
DFW-OGG (Maui) 11x weekly 763
DFW-HNL 2x daily 763
DFW-LAX daily 772

I'm pretty sure these are all correct but I've probably left a few off. Plus, these have changed quite a bit as of late, with biz so slow and now with STL's routes getting hacked, it will change some more.

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