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Sun Dec 27, 1998 8:01 pm

Which alliance do you think is the best one. OneWorld (American, British, Iberia, Finnair, Canadian, Cathay Pacific and Qantas) or Star Alliance (United, Air Canada, VARIG, Thai Airways, Lufthansa, SAS) Also Ansett Australia, Air New Zealand and All Nippon Airways will join Star Alliance with Singapore Airlines and South African Airways planning to join. Also Japan Airlines is planning to join OneWorld.

Which alliance do you you think is the best: OneWorld, Star alliance or the KLM/Northwest alliance with Continental.

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RE: Alliances.

Sun Dec 27, 1998 8:53 pm

Over the last few months l had to work out witch system was the best for me. l had to take into account where l'm based, ( which is Melbourne Australia ), and the type of flying l expect to do in the future, and a few other items like credit cards, hotels, car rental, etc.
After a fair bit of number crunching, l finally came to the dicision that One world was the best for the of travel l expect to do. lt's a hard thing to sort, and after close examiation they both seem to be excellent programs.
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RE: Alliances.

Mon Dec 28, 1998 12:01 am

I think Delta, Northwest, Continental, Altaila, KLM, VASP, Asiana, JAS, Air Afrique, etc. should make an alliance...
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RE: Alliances.

Mon Dec 28, 1998 1:07 am

why would delta join northwest and continental? i mean the have an alliance with united!! also i think one world is the best. aa and ba combined has no match