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Varig @ Ezeiza

Wed Dec 15, 1999 3:06 am

An MD-11 operating Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires went off the runway after landing at Ezeiza airport yesterday.

Does anyone have more details?

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RE: Varig @ Ezeiza

Mon Dec 20, 1999 2:34 am

The MD11 was carrying about 250 passengers and landed from Sao Paulo in rain. The aircraft landed and continued until the end of the runway, and when it turned left on the taxiway it skidded off towards the mud (the front wheel). The airport continued operating normally, however the passengers wait a long time until they took the baggage out.

This type of incident (aquaplane) has been quite frequently at Ezeiza in past years associated with rainy weather. The same happened to a LAP DC8, then a Viasa DC10 (in 1992 (which was finally lost). In 1995, a Malaysia MD11 and now Varig.