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Code Shares & Allinces

Sun Dec 19, 1999 7:15 am

OK its kiddy hour now because I have a kiddy question!

~~~~~ Let us take Twa and DL
Lets say these two where to have a code share! Now how would this code share help both carriers?
Also what is the difference between a code share and an alliance?

I apologize for the kiddiness of my question!
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RE: Code Shares & Allinces

Sun Dec 19, 1999 5:55 pm


You can just have a code-share agreement on one or few routes, without cooperating a lot with another airline (= alliance).

If DL et TWA would code-share that would give them a better commercial offer through more frequencies on more destination, a greater FF program and acces to lounge of both airlines for business travelers.

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Alain Mengus

RE: Code Shares & Allinces

Sun Dec 19, 1999 9:20 pm

codeshare is where an airline gives another airline permission to seel seats on there flights.
Due to that, they give them there own flight number!

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