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Sun Dec 19, 1999 8:06 am


Did you all notice that the 757-300 doesnt seem to be selling as well as the 757-200? It seems like a great plane to me.... Anyone got some info?
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RE: 757-300

Sun Dec 19, 1999 10:27 am

Didn´t Icelandair order some of these planes?

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RE: 757-300

Sun Dec 19, 1999 10:42 am

Icelandair ordered (I think) 6 753's to be used on the US routes.

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RE: 757-300

Sun Dec 19, 1999 11:37 am

Icelandair has ordered 2 757-300s and has a further 6 757 options that can be for -200 or -300 models.

Boeing did not expect the -300 to sell as well as the -200 variant. The airplane was primarily developed for charter carriers. Several 757 operators have shown an interest in the -300 version, and when replacements for short-haul 767-200s and A310s are the topic of interest at these airlines the 757-300 is expected to gain far more sales than it has thus far.
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RE: 757-300

Sun Dec 19, 1999 11:09 pm

Don't give up on the 757-300 just yet. The 757-200 does not have the sales past you suggest, initial 757 sales were very slow to pick up, just like the 737 (which Boeing considered ditching due to a chronic shortage of orders, and is now the most popular plane in the world).

Now I'm not saying Boeing are about to sell 3,000 of these things, because the 757-300 is designed for charter holiday airlines rather than scheduled carriers. It possibly serves as a 767-200 replacement (lower operating costs) and many airlines have an interest in the aircraft.

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