Flight Attendants

Sun Dec 19, 1999 1:53 pm


I'm hoping to spend some time in the near future fulfilling a life long wish of becoming a flight attendant with United Airlines. I'm currently a college student, but I was wondering if the airline would even consider employing a student during the summers and over the break?

Any responses would be helpful...

Thank you!

RE: Flight Attendants

Sun Dec 19, 1999 2:44 pm

Many colleges offer internships with major airlines. Have you looked into that?
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RE: Flight Attendants

Sun Dec 19, 1999 5:24 pm

Your dream and mine. I know that you usually have to relocate to one of the airlines major hubs. And, you're probably on call for 20 days a month. I think with most airlines, you have to be at least 21. I figured at 31, I'm too old. But, I read a book recently (true story) and the author mentioned that his wife had always wanted to be a flight attendant. So, after the kids were in college, she did it -- she was in her 40's. That gave me hope!
I currently have my ultimate dream job of a 911 dispatcher and was 28 when I landed that. So, maybe there's hope for me to live my other dream jobs still! Good luck! Funny, two college degrees and I'm out living my dream jobs that all you need is a high school diploma for. (EMT & communications officer.)