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Which Airlines From NRN To LON?

Fri Aug 01, 2003 6:26 pm

I was wondering which airlines are departing from NRN to LON, heard rumours that eff September a new airline will launch service. Questions is, what airline in meant ?
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RE: Which Airlines From NRN To LON?

Fri Aug 01, 2003 6:53 pm

There is only one airline, one route route at NRN - and that is a thrice daily Ryanair service to STN (if we are talking about "Niederrhein" - I still have to see the confirmation the the IATA designator has indeed changed from LRC to NRN...).

There are rumours about paper airline LoCo (the one KLM exel is involved in) taking to the skies as "Luvtofly". Luvtofly has had a website up and running ( for a couple of days for recruiting purposes, and if you read their requirements it is quite likely that they intend to fly from NRN. However, I have never heard that they intend to fly to LON. Destinations mentioned are BER, VIE etc.
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RE: Which Airlines From NRN To LON?

Fri Aug 01, 2003 6:59 pm

Wouldn't it be economic suicide for a startup-carrier to directly compete with FR on the very same routing? I certainly have my doubts that these plans will be realized - and if they are, I'd take a bet that "Luvtofly" (what is it with braindead airline names these days?) will withdraw from the route very quickly.

Plus it is not like we don't have plenty of low cost carriers flying from Northrhine-Westphalia to LON anyways.
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