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Airbus 320 family more comfortable

Mon Dec 28, 1998 6:03 am

Did everyone know that on the Airbus family of Aircraft there is a lock on the seats that are in the emergency exit row. Usually if you are sitting in this row you cannot recline your seat, that is if you are one a Boeing made Aircraft. The people at Airbus made their planes more comfortable though, if you are in this row there is an electronic lock that the flight attendant disactivates when the plane flies above 10,000 feet during takeoff, then when the passengers put their seat in the upright position for landing they lock the seats in that row again. The Airbus A320 family has a transcontinental range so on flights across the US passengers dont have to suffer like they do on a Boeing made aircraft!
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RE: Airbus 320 family more comfortable

Mon Dec 28, 1998 8:53 am

I agree with you, the A20 family is alot better than the Boeing single-family aircrft. But I think the 757-300 will do really good.

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RE: Airbus 320 family more comfortable

Tue Dec 29, 1998 3:48 am

Yes, the A320 is a better aircraft than the 737. That is why the 737NGs are outselling the A320 family at a rate of 3 to 1. Airlines have already ordered over 1000 737NGs. I also doubt that six little seats make that much difference in a plane that holds over 100 pax. Talk to me when the A320 family outsells the 737NGs alone.
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