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Charter Vs. Scheduled In Europe.

Sat Aug 02, 2003 7:59 pm

Hi everybody...("hi Dr Nick")  Smile

I was just thinking about several of the flights I have had throughout europe, and I was wondering why there is such a difference in service between the scheduled and charter airlines. Basically, I think the charters outshine the scheduled airlines by miles!

eg: I have flown a few charter routes within europe (belfast- lyon, reus, palma, salzburg) on Air 2000 and Airtours, aswell as scheduled (belfast - amsterdam, dublin - rome) on klmUK and Aer lingus.

On the charter flights, a hot meal was ALWAYS served, along with audio and visual entertainment. This is even on the BFS-LYN route, which can take under 2 hrs ( of the 6 times i have flown this route, the shortest time was only 1hr45 mins!) yet a hot meal, drinks and entertainment are provided.

However, on the aer lingus flight from dublin to rome (approx 2 hrs 30) there was no entertainment of any kind, a cold "snack" ( i use the term loosely..... a mini bar of chocolate and a cold snadwich) with 2 drinks services.

Why do the scheduled airlines offer inferior service to their charter competitors? the fair is also mostly cheaper on the charters, yet better service (imho) is provided. the legroom might not be as good, but that doesnt really matter so much on a short european flight.

I would like to hear of other peoples experiences, and can anyone offer any reasons why there is such a difference in the service? scheduled airlines blow their own trumpet quite a lot, but i think most people would be pleasantly suprised if they tried going charter!

thanks ! Big grin

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RE: Charter Vs. Scheduled In Europe.

Sun Aug 03, 2003 3:24 am

I usually go on charter airlines and I think they're great. Going low cost soon though...

I went on Aer Fungus, sorry, Lingus, a few years ago and I thought they were reasonably good.. I still do like DP, BY etc etc.


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