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Cebu Pacific Fleet Question

Sun Aug 03, 2003 10:20 pm

How many 757's do they have? I just noticed that they are in process to add a first DC-9-32 from Midwest Express. How many DC-9's are they planning to buy/lease? They must have around 16 or 17 now.
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RE: Cebu Pacific Fleet Question

Sun Aug 03, 2003 11:35 pm

They have the following:

RP-C1503 DC-9-32
RP-C1504 DC-9-32
RP-C1505 DC-9-32
RP-C1506 DC-9-32
RP-C1508 DC-9-32
RP-C1509 DC-9-32
RP-C1536 DC-9-32
RP-C1537 DC-9-32
RP-C1538 DC-9-32
RP-C1539 DC-9-32
RP-C1540 DC-9-32
RP-C1541 DC-9-31
RP-C1542 DC-9-31
RP-C1543 DC-9-31
RP-C1544 DC-9-31
RP-C2714 757-236
RP-C2715 757-236
RP-C2716 757-236

The DC-9-31's and the 757's operate Domestic and International flights.
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