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Anyone Ever Been To MKG?

Mon Aug 04, 2003 12:55 am

I was in Muskegon yesterday and on the way out of town I decided to swing by MKG to see what the airport is like. I knew they had very limited service so I was not expecting much, but when I got up to the terminal I saw that it was beautiful. It is almost all green glass, and looks brand new. Has anyone ever flown in/out of there as either crew or pax? I am very curious as to what it is like inside since I could only see the outside. I was very suprised to see such a nice, new terminal for a tiny airport with such little service that serves such a small community. Especially one so close to GRR.

I was also suprised to see that Skyway serves MKG with 8 flights a day to MKE. I was only expecting it to be 4 or 5, if that.

Thanks for your input, to anyone that responds.
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RE: Anyone Ever Been To MKG?

Mon Aug 04, 2003 2:10 am

Yep, I've been in there many times. Mesaba and Skyway serve the airport, and I believe that Eagle or Great Lakes used to.

The terminal was new in 1997 or so, if I recall. It really isn't huge, but it's quite nice inside. There are two gates, with jet bridges. Inside, there is a long corridor with check-in positions and rental car agencies. There is also a restaurant, The Brownstone, which overlooks the tarmac.

There's a pretty good amount of corporate aircraft activity there, but the pax service is fairly quiet. Muskegon has their own TRACON (approach control), as well.