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The New

Mon Aug 04, 2003 11:58 pm

I just remembered today was the day for the new
It looks nice, please no comments on the logo. We all have our oppinions on that.
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RE: The New

Tue Aug 05, 2003 12:22 am

Netherlands World Airlines?  Big grin
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RE: The New

Tue Aug 05, 2003 12:56 am

Very functional.

I think this is the trend of the last few years on most airline sites.

Less Glossy, more Function at the main screen.

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RE: The New

Tue Aug 05, 2003 1:09 am

I don't see what was wrong with the old site (other than the old logo). I do, however, like the fact that the main screen fits on one page (without having to scroll down).
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RE: The New

Tue Aug 05, 2003 1:34 am

Very nice and easy to navigate main page. Very impressive. It looks like they have improved what was already one of the better sites.
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RE: The New

Tue Aug 05, 2003 2:17 am

The header on the page looks a bit low rent. But, all in all, its an improvement over the prior edition.
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RE: The New

Tue Aug 05, 2003 2:51 am

After you get past the front page, it's pretty much the old I think AA, CO, and UA have better looking at more useful websites.
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RE: The New

Tue Aug 05, 2003 5:27 am

I like the new look. One thing, on the other pages on the left navigation panel, there is an arrow. You should be able to just scroll over the icon and get a drop down menu instead of having to click on it (kind of like

Secondly, anything beats the unorganized mess at