Sun Aug 03, 2003 8:18 pm

New Haven, CT (HVN) - the home of Yale University and many other companies learning institutions is currently served by ONE commuter, or, pardon me ... regional, carrier. USAirways Express. And its served by just 4 Dash 8s a day to PHL.

Back only about 8 yrs ago, that airport was a beehive of activity. I was a Passenger Service Supervisor for USAirways Express (Allegheny, later Piedmont) .. and our loads were astounding ! In addition to 6 PHL flights, we had 4 BWI flights (DH8), 2 DCA flights (DH8), 2 PIT flights (D-328) and seasonal MVY/ACK service (BE1) .. in addition, UNITED flew 4 737-300s a day to ORD, 4 Brasilias to IAD and Continental Express flew ATRs to EWR 5 times per day.

Unfortnately UA pulled out, not even replacing the mainline svc with a regional of their own with CRJS or even 146s ... then eventually ACA pulled the IAD flights for poor ridership ( they had diowngraded to J-31s ... is there any question why the ridership went down? A J-31 on a 1:50 flight!!) ... CO pulled out, leaving only USAirways. In keeping with US' usual formula, (as seen in Bridgeport and Groton), once they became the sole carrier, the fares went WAY up, the frequencies and level of service WAY down ... and they ende up pulling out altogether -- leaving a huge void .... no air service.

This has happened already in BDR and GON (and countless other cities across their former "system") ... i sincerely hope Tweed-NewHaven Airport does not lose its link to the world, just because USAirways is mishandling their job there.

DL could be flying RJs to ATL/CVG ... NW CRJs to DTW, CO its ERJs to CLE, and certainly US could be doing better than four Dash 8-100s to PHL -- their RJS could be serving CLT at very least .. back in the old days i remember Allegheny DC9s and BAC 111s, Convairs, Eastern 727s ... Sigh ..............

It hurts me to see this city be treated so badly - and being shown so little interest. Its the gateway to NewEngland and a beautiful city in and of itself!

Cmon USAirways- - - - take a look here and dont ruin yet another city !!! And the others ... PLEASE take a look at the potential here !!

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Sun Aug 03, 2003 9:33 pm

With airlines short on cash, SEVERAL major airports within a two hour drive (and BDL so close) it doesn't really make sense anymore.
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Sun Aug 03, 2003 11:54 pm

Continental has a codeshare cooperative pact with Amtrak, you can book CO trips from New Haven, Stamford, Wilmington Delaware and Philadelphia through Newark Airport on CO and Amtrak.

Amtrak Northeast Regional trains run hourly from New Haven to Newark Airport.
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