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Aviacsa Going Stronger... New Destinations!

Thu Aug 07, 2003 5:39 pm

Source: 'El diario' - Chihuahua's newspapaer.

CIUDAD JUÁREZ, Chih.- Dentro de cinco semanas comenzará a operar aquí la empresa Aviacsa que planea tener cuatro nuevos vuelos, dos de ellos a Estados Unidos, dijo ayer Pedro Robert de la Mora, administrador del Aeropuerto Internacional de Ciudad Juárez,

Agregó que de inmediato esa compañía pondrá en marcha el itinerario Mérida-Villa Hermosa- México-Monterrey-Ciudad Juárez y viceversa, lo que permitirá conectar esta frontera con el sureste del país tocando puntos muy importantes.

Posteriormente se inaugurará otro vuelo, México-León-Ciudad Juárez y viceversa, entre octubre y noviembre, además de dos internacionales: uno a Phoenix, Arizona, y otro a Chicago, Illinois, explicó.

“Entre el 10 y el 15 de septiembre se tiene programado que comience a operar esta aerolínea, ya hay pláticas muy formales de esa empresa con el Grupo Aeroportuario Centro Norte y la administración del aeropuerto local”, informó. Actualmente hay cuatro líneas con operaciones en Ciudad Juárez, indicó.

Se trata de Aeroméxico, Aerolitoral, Aerocalifornia y Líneas Aéreas Azteca, que tienen un total de 38 operaciones diarias comerciales de pasajeros en el puerto aéreo local, expresó.

La firma Aviacsa, que vendrá a ser la quinta compañía aquí, va a utilizar aviones 727 y 737, los segundos de ellos modificados y con capacidad de hasta 150 pasajeros, dio a conocer.

“Estamos muy contentos porque volveremos a operar vuelos internacionales regulares comerciales”, expresó.

La nueva firma reemplazará a Aerolíneas Internacionales, que se retiró de esta plaza hace aproximadamente dos meses.

Esto luego de que la Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes revocó a esa empresa el permiso para prestar el servicio de transporte de pasajeros, carga y correo, supuestamente por incumplir la normatividad.

Entonces Aeroméxico apoyó en la solución del conflicto que se generó con unas mil personas que habían comprado boletos a Aerolíneas Internacionales y luego esta empresa se fue sin devolverles su dinero.

Para ello, con el pago de una diferencia de cobro de 500 pesos, colocó durante cinco días en sus aviones a los pasajeros que ya no pudieron viajar con la empresa que se fue.


So in five more weeks CJS will have a new airline which is Aviacsa.

New routes:
MID-VSA-MEX-MTY-CJS and viceversa....
MEX-BJX-CJS and viceversa....

And the two new international routes:

So, in September 10th to 15th Aviacsa intend to start service into CJS.

Ricardo Morales  Smile

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RE: Aviacsa Going Stronger... New Destinations!

Thu Aug 07, 2003 11:14 pm

I remember that in the past we were talking about how many airplanes will Aviacsa get this year and were will they fly them!!! It is good to see that Aviacsa is the one taking over some N2 routes. They have some airplanes available and they need to fly them to somewhere. I guess JR will not open the Mexico City-REX-Mexico City left by N2, which has given the monopoly to AM with fares of 350USD, amazing!!!

I guess I'm not a big fan of Aviacsa, but it is good to see that they will compete on many routes with AM and MX. This will drive prices down and make flying a lot more cheaper for Mexicans. Hope Azteca starts opening some new destinations also!

About 6A flying to PHX and ORD from CJS, I don't think those routes will work, since they will face competition from America West and American. AA has 2 flights ELP-ORD and HP has 6 flights ELP-PHX. Considering that every Mexican passenger who wants to fly to ORD and PHX from CJS has a Visa, because they will stay in mainland US, it is easier to cross the border and take the flight from ELP...

I also heard that Aviacsa's Pilot Contract was taken by ASPA Union, which I think will hurt Aviacsa badly!! It is amazing that they pilots decided to change their Union and Aviacsa did not fight this issue... as you can see, I don't support ASPA in any way and think that it is a Union created to destroy Mexican airlines, but I guess we will start facing some strikes from 6A pilots in the future!!!! I hope them the best...
Just my two cents...
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RE: Aviacsa Going Stronger... New Destinations!

Fri Aug 08, 2003 12:05 am


It is good to see 6A expanding.
However, I am also a little bit sceptical about their new international routes.
Considering they are a continuation of their new domestic services we would have:


The former will be a similar route in timing and stops as current MX), Mexico">MEX-PHX AM services. So there will be no added value in choosing 6A over AM (may be price?). On the other hand, America West has just announced they will run a dialy MTY-PHX from next October. Besides the fact that 6A will be doing a stop over in CJS, America West flights will be feeding in PHX hub to all West Coast. 6A has big operations in MTY, but nothing to be called a hub (there is no co-ordination in schedules), hence low connecting traffic.

The latter seems less odd and probably more succesful. I guess this route is designed to serve BJX rather than CJS. Both destinations (CJS and ORD) are on demand from BJX. Remember Guanajuato state is the second one to export cheap labour, and their top destinations are Illinois and Texas. BJX-ORD is already serviced by MX (with a stopover in MTY), and still I think there is a large untapped market. I always had the idea N6 services from BJX-CJS were a success given the fact that most guanajuatense in TX (after Houston area) live around ELP.

Anyway, let's cheer Aviacsa expansion program in CJS and hope it will prove successful in every bit.

How many planes does 6A have (leased or own)?

Even if you do not read your email, I say let's go tonight (same place and same time).


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RE: Aviacsa Going Stronger... New Destinations!

Fri Aug 08, 2003 12:40 am

We had to ground handle an Aviacsa 727about 2 wks ago at PHX. They called our operations and said they were making a fuel stop enroute from MEX to LAS. I ended up pushing back the plane when they were ready to leave. I just thought it was strange that they would need to refuel so close to their destination in addition to seeing them at PHX in the first place.
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RE: Aviacsa Going Stronger... New Destinations!

Fri Aug 08, 2003 2:22 am

Its nice to see Aviacsa expand. Kind of cool to have Aviacsa fly to ORD from CJS. Aviacsa is restarting the service that TAESA used to operate in the mid 1990's. TAESA used to fly ORD-CJS-AGU (Aguascalientes) route. I remember because my grandfather flew to AGU with TAESA from ORD. TAESA used the 737-500 on this route.
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RE: Aviacsa Going Stronger... New Destinations!

Fri Aug 08, 2003 4:04 am

Despite CHP is not my all times favorite airline I happily welcome the fact that they are operating new markets and expanding -in any applicable aspect- our rather undeveloped commercial aviation.

I concur with Rojo about the Union. It is true that a strong Union can bring great benefits to their members, especially one that held control of the top two airlines and subsidiaries (travel benefits, chance to get a "ride" on the other carrier, legal protection of the member, etc). But on the other hand sometimes they go a little farther and... I see it coming, they will be demanding Aviacsa -by far a smaller airline than Cintras- to equal the labor conditions and benefits of the bigger players. Something that at this point only a few if not NONE can do.

Let's just wait and see how things will turn. IMHO Aviacsa will do okay in those markets despite it is not a very recognized brand. Their strategy? It's got to be price. Kudos for Aviacsa, Azteca and Allegro that are all of them doing an acceptable job in this unfair game of avioncitos.

My two pesos.
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RE: Aviacsa Going Stronger... New Destinations!

Fri Aug 08, 2003 4:48 am

I think they will suceed in its new routes, becuase they always compete with price, and their prices are always lower than any other airline in Mexico, and I think they will probably have lower prices than US airliners leaving from ELP. However, AVIACSA is not my favorite either, and I prefer to pay a few more pesos to fly in a CINTRA airline.
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RE: Aviacsa Going Stronger... New Destinations!

Fri Aug 08, 2003 5:58 am

That's great news for CJS!! The MTY-CJS, CJS-MTY will definitely be a success because there's currently only one daily jet flight operated by AM, and various turboprop Aerolitoral flights, but who'd choose to take an expensive 2h20m non-stop Aerolitoral flight (1 daily) or a 4h Aerolitoral flight (w/1 stopover at CUU) from a 1h30 non-stop jet service? And with Aviacsa now in scene, fares will definitely drop!!

Another remark, MANY people in CJS visit PHX for shopping purposes, so I guess people will rather pay an Aviacsa low fare departing from their local airport than making a huge line crossing the border plus asking for an I-94 permit for PHX, going through security at ELP, etc... I hope everything turns out right...

Aviacsa should focus a bit more on underserved markets such as my home airport CEN (Ciudad Obregon) where a non-stop CEN-TIJ, CEN-GDL, CEN-MTY would be a major success... just my 2 cents!

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RE: Aviacsa Going Stronger... New Destinations!

Fri Aug 08, 2003 6:19 am

I fly to ELP once a year or so, and if there was non-stop service from O'Hare to Ciudad Juárez, I would be delighted to try it sometime if the price was right. I hope that Aviacsa is able to succeed, but I'm not going to make any predictions, as I don't understand the Mexico/US market very well.
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RE: Aviacsa Going Stronger... New Destinations!

Fri Aug 08, 2003 1:55 pm


I am not so sure 6A could base its success through prices.
Take for example MTY-MEX. All four big carriers (and soon Azteca) fly this route. There is no other route with more available seats per week as this. Yet, they all charge $3,300 for a return ticket. No one is there to low fares... If there is enough demand, there is no point in bringing the fares lower...

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RE: Aviacsa Going Stronger... New Destinations!

Fri Aug 08, 2003 3:52 pm

I guess 6A is basing its success on passenger convenience rather than betting everything on its low fares, even though price is, without a doubt, a major deciding factor to the common traveler.

Take for instance, businessmen trying to get to MTY from HMO returning the same day have 3 options: AM, JR and 6A. Aviacsa is the only carrier leaving in the early morning (7AM) and returning at night (9:40PM) PLUS offering the lowest roundtrip fare: MXP2700. These flights are always packed full (AM, JR & 6A)

I hope 6A keeps growing and start opening even more new markets....  Smile


Arriba Sonora!!!
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RE: Aviacsa Going Stronger... New Destinations!

Sat Aug 09, 2003 7:24 am


Aviacsa's fleet:

7 - 727s

17 - 737-200s in service plus 1 737 for spares...

Total of 24 ... and they are expecting for 4 more 737s to arrive in this year...

Also a pilot friend of mine in Aviacsa told me that 6A is thinking on retireing the 727 soon.... they just want the 737 in their fleet... also they are looking already for the possibilty to bring second hand B737-300s.

Reading the comments here, a lot of people seems that Aviacsa is not your favourite airline... mine either.. of course I always think that MEXICANA is the best airline in Mexico... but we have to admit that 6A is working really hard and in the last two years they have improve their service on board a lot. Also another thing to mention is that Aviacsa in the last months has been changing the seat interiors, right know they got the ones used in AeroMexico's economy class. When they told me this I didn't believe it, but 3 months ago I saw it with my own eyes.......

One of my last flights with 6A was in October of 2002 enroute MEX-MTY-LAS-MTY-MEX and last time I flew in Aviacsa was 3 weeks ago in a MEX-GDL-MEX flight, I saw a lot of improvements, everytime I board I see that they are always getting better and better service on board... on time performance sometimes they have problems specially when you connect at MTY, but when you fly a non-stop route I could said the service is very good!

I think that Aviacsa's success has been the fares, passenger convenience (as AMX said) and the new strategic routes that has open in the last months....
I also could think that all this new routes were underserved markets.....

Two years ago, Aviacsa used to served only 13 destinations... now they fly to 21 destinations and two more will be added to their route map.. CJS and PHX.

Ricardo Morales  Smile

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RE: Aviacsa Going Stronger... New Destinations!

Sat Aug 09, 2003 2:15 pm

It`s good to hear that 6A is improving, and I`m glad, that we are having more and better airlines in Mexico. But we have to admit that Aviacsa mainly competes with price (besides schedules convinience), they always have lower prices than other airlines in most of it`s routes, wich is good, mostly in this times that economy is not very good in Mexico.
I hope 6A still growing and improving, and Im sure they will.

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