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DC-9/MD-80 Wings

Tue Dec 21, 1999 1:06 pm

I noticed something quite fascinating during descent aboard a Midwest Express MD-80 on Saturday. There are no spoilers which extend from the tops of the wings, only the slats at the fronts of the wings are used as spoilers! Interesting wings the DC-9 and MD-80 have. I've never seen the like.

Any comments?
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RE: DC-9/MD-80 Wings

Tue Dec 21, 1999 1:11 pm

Maybe they rreally have spoilers but during the landing on your particular flight the pilot didn't need to use them? Like maybe the plane was light and/or the weather was just right?
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RE: DC-9/MD-80 Wings

Tue Dec 21, 1999 2:16 pm

The DC-9 and MD-80 do have spoilers. Your flight was either very light or there was a lot of runway to play with.

If you get a chance to fly one of ME's DC-9-10s, take a look at the wing's leading edge. They have no slats. The slats were added to the -30, the "hot rod" -20 for SAS, and all later DC-9s for better takeoff performance.
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RE: DC-9/MD-80 Wings

Tue Dec 21, 1999 7:36 pm

Oh yeah, the MD80 has spoilers. As the rest already said - either you were on a light plane, great weather conditions or you had a lot of runway.

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RE: DC-9/MD-80 Wings

Tue Dec 21, 1999 8:35 pm

In the AA1420 crash in Little Rock, 1 June this year, one of the causes being focussed on in the accident investigation is that the crew forgot to arm the MD82's spoilers before landing in darkness and real rough weather.

Pilots say it may be a real unpleasant surprise if the spoilers are not deployed in a tough landing.

On the MD80, the spoilers, if armed, deploy automatically when the weight is evenly set on main landing gear or the nose gear has touched down, AND the engine thrust is low enough to indicate that a go-around is not in process.

In Little Rock, spoiler failure, or faulty procedure to use them, MAY be one of the causes that a plane was broken up, 86 people were injured and nine died, including the captain who flew the plane at the moment.

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