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TWA 747's Routes From LAX

Tue Aug 12, 2003 1:43 am

I remember TWA using a 747 on a flight from Europe, and I know they used them on the LAX-JFK- Milan or Rome route in the 90's. But I would like to know that flights did they fly 747 on that departed LAX.
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RE: TWA 747's Routes From LAX

Tue Aug 12, 2003 1:51 am

Wasn't Flight 1 JFK-LAX-HNL at one point?
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RE: TWA 747's Routes From LAX

Tue Aug 12, 2003 1:53 am

TWA's non-stop flights to LHR and CDG were on 747s.
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RE: TWA 747's Routes From LAX

Tue Aug 12, 2003 1:54 am

TW 001 was operated STL-LAX-HNL with 747 in the early 90`s.
TW 760 operated LAX-LHR in the 80`s, also some flights to/from JFK were operated by 747.
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RE: TWA 747's Routes From LAX

Tue Aug 12, 2003 2:00 am

TWA operated 747-100s on routes out of LAX to:

JFK - at one time 3 or 4 departures per day.
ORD - at one time 2 or 3 departures per day, some continuing to JFK.

and, if I remember correctly, to MCI for a very short time.

Not all of the above cities were served with the 747 at the same time; I dont not believe that TWA's around the world flights were ever fully upgraded from the 707 to the 747. TWA did have 2 westbound departure out of LAX that went to HNL, Guam, then one flight went to Okinawa, Tapei and HongKong, and the other went to Hong Kong, Bombay and on to Europe and New York; both operated with the 707 until discontinued. TWA dropped the service in the mid-1970s, during a fuel crisis, when it and Pan Am divided the world up and decided not to compete with eachother on certain routes (Pan Am dropped Paris and some other European cities at that point.)
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RE: TWA 747's Routes From LAX

Tue Aug 12, 2003 2:01 am

In the early seventies, TWA tried many different strategies to put their 747s to profitable use. Here are a few routes out of LAX that existed (some were short-lived):

LAX-PHX-JFK (FN/YN flight)

Also, TWA operated several 747 flights out of SFO, including:

SFO-JFK-CDG (I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it went on to Paris)
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RE: TWA 747's Routes From LAX

Tue Aug 12, 2003 2:52 am

I flew a TWA 747-100 on TW0840 from LAX to JFK and onward to Rome/FCO in December 1996. I returned in Jan. 1997, FCO-JFK-LAX was also a 747-100 as TW0841. That was morning flight to JFK. The noon-time flight was flight 881 which went on to TLV and I believe was also a 747-100. The red-eye was a 762 I think.

I think the TWA flight from SFO to JFK, TW0842 went on to Milan. The JFK-SFO portion may have been operated by a 762 though. This is in the mid-90's though. But looking at old time tables TWA seemed to keep the same flight numbers on routings on many transcons through JFK and off to Europe.
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RE: TWA 747's Routes From LAX

Tue Aug 12, 2003 5:27 am

The first departure of the day from LAX to JFK on TWA was a 747-100 and it was flight 840. The first departure from San Francisco to New York was TWA flight 842 and it operated with an L1011.

The routes were:



TWA flight 884 was the flight that operated to TLV, not 880. TWA 880 was a flight that originated in New Orleans and connected through JFK to Athens.

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RE: TWA 747's Routes From LAX

Tue Aug 12, 2003 5:31 am

TWA 840 and 841 were nicknamed 'Late-40' and 'Late-41' since they seldom, if ever, ran ontime.

I'm not sure why. It was in a book of anecdotes by Robert Serling.

Not much of a contribution...