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Let's Talk About JetBlue's Livery.

Wed Dec 22, 1999 6:03 am

Yes, let's! I would never have guessed this was a US airline. It looks European to me. What do you think? Maybe because it's fusulage resembles that of GO's.
I don't care for the tail myself. I would have put that white stripe in the middle with jetBlue in blue on it. Rather than the stripe on top and jetBlue below it. Looking at jetblue's website (www.jetblue.com) it seems like they are determined to do a good job. It even says in the jobs section that you must be able to say Ok to a customer and have fun doing your job. Those are the requirments! What do you think about jetBlue's livery? Do you think they will live up to what they've said about service? Oh yeah, you can see jetblue's A320 right here on airliners.net.

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RE: Let's Talk About JetBlue's Livery.

Wed Dec 22, 1999 2:18 pm

I think JetBlue is determined to be a quality carrier for a small price. I think that they want to be a SWA but with only first class seats.

From what I've read on them, I think that they will be a great carrier. I can't wait for them to start BOS to IND service, so I can take them to and from school.

I'm not one to pass judgement on a carrier that hasn't started up yet or one that I haven't flown. However, when I do, I'd be sure to give you guys a full report on what I thought of them.

- Neil Harrison