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Do You Like Freighters?

Wed Dec 22, 1999 10:06 am

Do you enjoy seeing freighters when spotting? I do. I like never knowing what cargo planes may come in to the airport when I am there spotting.
I was at BDL in CT a few weeks ago when a 747 from Atlas airlines landed. That is the only way we get 747's DC10's L1011's orDC8's here. I once saw a C5 and an Antonov AN124 here all transfering cargo. I have noticed that if you wave to the crew on a freighter they will sometimes wave back. I like the paint schemes on FEDX planes Polar Air cargo flies there 747's from JFK all over the world but you can some times get a tour of there planes[try that at united or american ]I also like freigt trains and cargo ships
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RE: Do You Like Freighters?

Wed Dec 22, 1999 1:01 pm

I do enjoy spotting and photogrpahing Cargo Planes. As you said you dont know whats inside of the cargo hold. That gives you plane a mysterious feeling   Its cool.