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What Were The Widebody TWA Jetliners Like?

Fri Aug 15, 2003 5:31 am

What were the widebody TWA jetliners like just before TWA 800? What was the IFE like? Were they always packed? Was it cool flying to Europe out of JFK? Were there various mult-colored seats on board? Was the food good?
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RE: What Were The Widebody TWA Jetliners Like?

Fri Aug 15, 2003 5:56 am

The 747's were among the oldest ever built, although I didn't think you could tell from the inside. They had navy blue carpet with red and grey specks. The seats were indeed multi-colored. Some were solid red, some solid navy blue, and then there were two grey seat covers with different patterns. One was a medium grey with white horizontal-like dash-lines and the other was grey with diagonal blue-grey pin stripes. The bulkheads where the lavatories and galleys were, were either solid red or solid blue. Cabin sidewalls were the usual white. First Class had navy blue seats with red and grey stripes down the center. Overall, very early-eighties. The only thing bad I have ever experienced on a TWA 747 was one time the headsets along the entire starboard side did not work. Food was normal airplane food, but it seemed like they fed you a lot. The L1011's were exactly the same on the inside. I NEVER flew on a TWA 767. The last TWA 747 I was in had the new interior. Blue and red seats with opposite blue or red squiggly lines throughout. They kept the blue and red bulkheads the same. IFE was either the old type movie screens (no individual seat TV's) or music selections. They were full sometimes and sometimes they were not. Depended on the day or time of year. Hope this helps!
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RE: What Were The Widebody TWA Jetliners Like?

Fri Aug 15, 2003 6:38 am

The only time I been on a TWA widebody was when a friend of my father, who worked for TWA, let me walk thought the cabin of a 747 that just came in into LAX from JFK. The flight empty quickly but the interior was just as Cody said, I was surprise at how narrow the stair case was. But TWA had a bad habit of saying that 747 was on a flight then putting a 767 or L1011, to me that is bad business.
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RE: What Were The Widebody TWA Jetliners Like?

Fri Aug 15, 2003 7:40 am

Back in 1986 I flew TWA from EWR to LAX via STL both on L1011s and there was no food on either flight. I flew in first class from EWR to STL and they had crackers and drinks. From STL to LAX I flew coach and was served the same thing. Never flew TWA again...not necessarily because of that experience though.
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