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Spotting At ROC

Sun Aug 17, 2003 1:36 pm

I've taken up an interest in spotting and would like to start off by catching some of the a/c at ROC on sunday. I think ROC should be fairly busy with the PGA traffic plus the normal traffic.

If anyone's familiar with ROC, any suggestions for getting some good a/c pics would be appreciated. I think the road along rwy 4/22 would prove to give some good pics, but if anyone knows any other good spots, let me know!

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RE: Spotting At ROC

Sun Aug 17, 2003 2:28 pm

Welcome,Jcooke . Anywhere along Paul Rd is good , especially if they're using rw4. Forget about rw 28 . I'll probably be there in an Orange Nissan,stop by if you see me!
Just be warry of the Sheriiffs,some have a bug for us spotters. Check out jetphotos.net for my pics from ROC.
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RE: Spotting At ROC

Sun Aug 17, 2003 8:15 pm

You could probably park in the Olympic Bowl parking lot and just wander down Scottsville Road to get a good look at the bizjet stands, as well.
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