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LGA Sunday Evening

Tue Aug 19, 2003 12:33 am

Not that the New York airports haven't had their fair share of troubles in the last few days, but does anyone know what happened in New York Sunday evening? My flight (UA 882 ORD to LGA) was delayed many hours (along with other flights of course--some of whom were diverted), because of thunderstorms and what was described to us as the radar being down.

After holding on the ground for a few hours at ORD (won't give details so as not to make this a trip report), we finally left. However, we were then put into a holding pattern at the MIDGET (or MIDGT or MIDET or something like that) intersection (I was listening to Ch9). The Cleveland Ctr Controller was really frustrated and said she didn't know what the problem was and that she thought it had something to do with the localizer. She kept telling us that New York was "opening and then slamming the door" on us over and over, but she didn't know why. Someone else on the frequencey chimed in with he suggestion that they put a covering over the plug so they don't keep kicking it out. yuk yuk yuk.

Luckily, there were visible conditions eventually (although we still made an ILS approach to Rwy 4).

Our Captain told us there were 6 UA flights into the NYC area diverted last night. Anyone know what really happened? (aside from the weather)

Thanks! Just curious...