ATTN: Kaitak........Fatal QF Flight!

Thu Dec 23, 1999 10:00 am

You mentioned in the safest unsafe airline topic that Qantas had a fatal accident, I know it couldnt of been a jet, and I know it couldnt of been anytime lately, so could you please tell me more? As long as it wasnt accient!
Im not calling you a lier, I just dont know about it.
And also, If you are correct, then the Rainman is a lier  
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RE: ATTN: Kaitak........Fatal QF Flight!

Thu Dec 23, 1999 1:43 pm

In about 1962, a Constellation had a fatal accident at Mauritius. However, Qantas has never had a fatal jet accident.
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Clarifying Some Issues And Info

Thu Dec 23, 1999 4:49 pm

Just to Clarify issue with QF accident.

It was a Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation registration VH-EAC on Aug 24 1960 on takeoff from Mauritius. Power cutout on V1 hence runway overrun, hit an enbankment and split in two. 50 people were on board but no one died

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RE: ATTN: Kaitak........Fatal QF Flight!

Thu Dec 23, 1999 4:54 pm

No one died in the 1960 Connie accident at Mauritius. The plane burnt to the ground, but everyone managed to evacuate. It is classed as an "accident" because an accident is defined not only as an event that causes fatalities or serious injuries, but also causes "major damage to the airplane".

Qantas had some fatal accidents with piston-powered airplanes before WW2. However, since WW2 Qantas has never been involved with a fatal accident. There has been two hull losses, however, that include the L-1049 Super Constellation noted above; and also an Avro Lancastrian in 1949 at Dubbo west of Sydney. There were 5 people on the airplane and was involved with pilot training at the time. When it came in to land the airplane crashed and was written off.

IIRC one Qantas airplane actually crashed during WW2 due to damage suffered from enemy fire. A Catalina?

As Kaitak says, however, Qantas has never had a fatal jet accident. Many people believe that the VH-OJH accident in September was its first, but this is not the case. A B707 had an event at Singapore where the pilot landed, and buckled the airplane with a hard landing. The whole lower fuselage had to be replaced from the nose gear back to the leading edge of the wing. That was VH-EBK in about 1964. This one isn't on record so you're doing well to get the into!