SkyWest's CRJ Order

Thu Dec 23, 1999 2:18 pm

Announced today, Skywest announced a order for 20 new CRJ's for use with Delta Connection in SLC. This will bring the total number of CRJ's in SLC to 46 with current aircraft and those on order.

US Skywest, Or Western Australian Skywest?

Thu Dec 23, 1999 10:43 pm

Which Skywest are you talking about, I know Skywest in Western Australia wants to get some CRJs

RE: SkyWest's CRJ Order

Thu Dec 23, 1999 10:48 pm

I know by lookn at what uve written who ur talking about, but Im just being speculative
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Fri Dec 24, 1999 12:27 am

Can you give details on the potential Skywest (Australia) order? Number and version? Thanks.
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RE: SkyWest's CRJ Order

Fri Dec 24, 1999 5:13 am

It is the SkyWest that operates out of Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. The CRJ's are for use on flights out of Salt Lake City and/or Portland, OR (Both Delta and SkyWest Hubs). United Express (opb SkyWest) operates the Embraer EMB-120, as well as Delta Connection, however they exclusively use CRJ. If I am right, Delta Connection operates the largest amount of CRJ's in the world (COMAIR - Too Many, SkyWest - 45, ASA - 30).