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DC-10 & Spoilers

Thu Dec 23, 1999 6:04 pm


I would like to know if the first DC-10-30 had an "armed" mode for the spoilers. If you look at the Cubana accident photos, the spoilers seems to be never come out !!

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RE: DC-10 & Spoilers

Thu Dec 23, 1999 6:18 pm

Yes all Dc-10's have auto ground spoiler actuation. However this function can be deferred per the MEL (minimum equipment list) and the aircraft can be dispatched with this function inop. If this was the case the pilot would have to manually move the spoiler handle to the full ground spoiler position after the nose wheel touched down.
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Wheel Spin-up

Fri Dec 24, 1999 1:17 am

Don't forget about wheel spin-up, as if the aircraft was hyroplaning off the runway, they may not have armed and deployed...

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