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Economy In Air Canada

Sun Aug 24, 2003 4:31 am

Can somebody help me about the service in economy aboard 747 combi on air canada from frankfurt to yul.
I think tehy don't have ptv.
are their 747combi not to old?
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RE: Economy In Air Canada

Sun Aug 24, 2003 5:20 am

Inflight service is pretty good, however the 744's don't have PTV's. The only aircraft in the fleet with PTV's in economy are the A340's unfortunately. Soon Westjet will have direct satellite TV in many of their 737's and Air Canada will be left with an inferior product and a higher price.
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RE: Economy In Air Canada

Sun Aug 24, 2003 5:44 am

Captain, u sure about the PTV's on the 340's? The one I was on didn't have any in economy and my understanding was that none of them had PTV's in economy. I do know that the intended 345's and 346's were to have them in all classes, and that was to be a first for Air Canada.

As for inflight service, it's pretty decent. I haven't been on a 74E, but I have been on the ex-CP 744. Meals are actually edible and the seat pitch is pretty good for international standards. Must be nice to fly a 747 without having the masses around the gate area accustomed to most 747 flights.

RE: Economy In Air Canada

Sun Aug 24, 2003 5:50 am

I've flown economy on an AC 767-300 and the service was pretty average. My only experience of ACs 744s was in business class and again the service was nothing to write home about.