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A318 Deliveries?

Sun Aug 24, 2003 6:04 am

When will Air France and America West take delivery of their A318 ? What other airlines have ordered it ?
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RE: A318 Deliveries?

Sun Aug 24, 2003 10:12 am

There was a thread recently which said that th A318 appears in Air France's schedule in January, so I guess delivery of the first one will be in December.

America West postponed it's delivery until 2006 for two reasons:

(i) When they applied to the ATSB for a loan guarantee, it was a condition of approva (by the ATSB) that new aircraft deliveries be postponed.

(ii) America West is (presently) sticking with the PW engines, which have had big problems. The eng8ines won't be fixed for a while.


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RE: A318 Deliveries?

Sun Aug 24, 2003 1:56 pm

How many A318s did America West and Air France order each? Do you guys know what other carriers have order or might order the A318 soon, I know MX is looking at it.
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RE: A318 Deliveries?

Thu Aug 28, 2003 5:52 am

Air France should receive 3 A318 in Oct. with a fleet up to 5 aircrafts in Dec. 2003