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Average Loads On IC's BOM-DEL And V-v Routes?

Mon Aug 25, 2003 12:49 am

What are the average loads on IC's flights between Mumbai and Delhi and vice-versa?
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RE: Average Loads On IC's BOM-DEL And V-v Routes?

Mon Aug 25, 2003 1:34 am

IC has 10 daily flights BOM/DEL and v.v. These flights operated by A320 in a 144 seat config J/Y have a pretty high SLF for the morning/evening departures.

The departures are every hour starting 0600-0900, 1200-1300 and again every hour 1700-2000hrs.

On account of the fact that 9W, S2 and AI all give IC a run for their money on what is the India's busiest domestic air route, overall for all flights the SLF is usually around 75-80% on an average for IC. The highest SLF are for 0700/0800 departures in the morning (90-95% on weekdays) with the 1800/1900 evening departures also having equally high load factors. The other flights are relatively lighter. However unless its festival time in India (coming up shortly), seats on any of the IC flights are quite easy to get between BOM/DEL and v.v.

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RE: Average Loads On IC's BOM-DEL And V-v Routes?

Mon Aug 25, 2003 10:22 am

Just a small correction: IC has ELEVEN flights (including the late night 2300 departure both ways operated by 737-200 eqpt of subsidiary Alliance). Fares are cheaper on this flight. The day flights operated at one hour intervals between 0600 and 1200 and again from 1700 to 2100 suing 144 seat (24J+120Y) A320 eqpt.

IC has more convenient "on the hour" schedules. On the down side, all departures both ways are not terminators but extensions. For eg the 0600 BOM-DEL flight goes on to LKO and PAT, the 0700 departure goes on to Jammu and Srinagar, and so on. The same concept is extended across many other stations to give same day return facility across 32 cities in the current schedule.