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Aviation Magzines

Fri Dec 24, 1999 6:48 am

Is there any good aviation magazines sold in Scandinavia or Europe???

And how can I get them???

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RE: Aviation Magzines

Fri Dec 24, 1999 7:01 am


Go to www.airlinerworld.com

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RE: Aviation Magzines

Fri Dec 24, 1999 7:11 am

Airliner World is a GREAT aviation magazine. Also Air International is good as well. Both are printed out of Great Britain. Price $9.95CDN or about 3.50pounds.
Also try www.keypublishing.com there are several aviation magazines available through that site.

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RE: Aviation Magzines

Fri Dec 24, 1999 7:33 am

Airways (my favourite, it's American so I'll cost you more if you live in Europe www.airwaysmag.com)
Airliners (second favourite, also American, and very good)
Airliner World (new, but very well organized www.keymags.co.uk/airworld or www.airworld.com)

All are very good magazine. Also Flight International is good, but is very industry focused and is a lot more because it's a weekly magazine.

Given the fact that you obviously live in Europe, I'd say Airliner World, is your best bet.

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RE: Aviation Magzines

Fri Dec 24, 1999 7:40 am

Try reading "Flying" and "Airways" ,As to me these are the two best magazines about civil aviation.
Of course do not miss "Flight International" for all the news.
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RE: Aviation Magzines

Fri Dec 24, 1999 11:33 pm

These are my favourites:
1. Airliner World
2. Airways
3. Flight International
4. Air International
5. Flygrevyn

All these are for sale in Norway and probably in the rest of Scandinavia. Airliners seems to be a great magazine, but it is very hard to find it in Europe.