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Comet 1

Tue Dec 29, 1998 8:31 am

Has anyone out there flown on a BOAC Comet 1 before they were grounded? If so, how were the early jets? Were they loud? Were they comfortable?
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RE: Comet 1

Tue Dec 29, 1998 11:47 am

l have never been on a Comet 1 due to not being born, but with the research l have done on the Comet 1 over the years l hope to answer your question okay.
The Comet 1 was basically one of the firsts in jet airliner transport, and considering that, she was very comfortable A/C to fly in. The Pax seats in Comet 1 were basically what we would know as a first class seat, and the A/C had quite a good pressurization and enviroment system, which was very good for it's day.
The only expected let down was that it was reasonalby loud inside the cabin. De Havilland tried with mock-up test to try and sound proof the cabin, but it really wasn't too good on the Comet 1, although it was a little better on Comets 3 & 4..
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